Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

Prof. Spector, a genetic epidemiologist and therefore the lead researcher of the COVID Symptom Study, estimated that around 60,000 people within the uk have symptoms of COVID-19 that have lasted for quite 3 months.

He also said that the info available to him and his team suggest that long COVID is “twice as common in females as in males” which it’s going to manifest differently counting on a person’s age.

However, Prof. Spector claimed that supported the knowledge that he and his team have compiled, they could be ready to predict with about 75% accuracy who will develop long COVID, which can help efforts to stop it.

Speaking of managing this long illness, Prof. Greenhalgh went on to mention that while people living with long COVID primarily manage their symptoms on their own, there’s far more scope for family doctors to supply support.

“[General practitioners] can actually manage most of those patients generally practice,” she explained, “using the clinical skills that [they] have already got , and people clinical skills are things like: taking note of the patient, documenting when the illness started, documenting what the symptoms are and the way they’ve changed and the way they fluctuate […], being aware of symptoms which may suggest that the patient needs referring [to various specialists].”

Prof. Greenhalgh noted that its is vital for family doctors to stay on “maintaining […] relationship-based care,” which needs “hearing the patient’s story” and following its development to ascertain if the person’s health improves.

If it doesn’t , then general practitioners need to direct their patients to respiratory clinics or cardiology clinics, counting on the foremost prominent symptoms, Prof. Greenhalgh explained.

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